Lorenz system with flot.js.

Parameters to the Lorenz Equations


Randomise initial point


Randomise on restart:

Other controls


Refresh period (ms):

Number of series:

Points in series:

To rotate the plot in 3D space, just drag or Shift + drag on the chart grid. Press 'Reset Axes' to reset.

If you pause the plot, then change the parameter sliders, the plot is redrawn from the start in real time.

To test with multiple series, try setting 'variation' to about 20, 'spread' to about 0.2, and 'Number of series' to 2, then press 'Restart'.

Another nice effect is to set 'Points in series' to 10, 'Number of series' to 20, any value of 'variation' and a low value of 'spread' (<1).

For background on the equations, see Wikipedia. The code for this demonstration is on Github.